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Inés Dawson


Science Communicator  Public Speaker  Presenter

I'm Inés, which rhymes with space, and I'm a a bilingual science communicator, both online and on stage, and a PhD student researching the biomechanics of insect flight.



It all started when...

I'm Inés Dawson, a bilingual science communicator and a DPhil student at the University of Oxford researching the biomechanics of insect flight.

I run the award-winning bilingual YouTube channel Draw Curiosity, making science stories interesting and internationally accessible, as well as the Spanish channel Inés-table.

I'm also an enthusiastic, engaging and entertaining educational speaker.


Features Overview

Here are my ongoing and finalised projects that I've worked on:


Draw curiosity

Draw Curiosity is a bilingual award-winning science website and YouTube channel. It is a place to stimulate people's curiosity and entertain them as they learn new things about the world. The videos, which are captioned into English, Spanish and occasionally other languages too, are complemented with more information online. 


Inés-table is a Spanish science YouTube channel. Following popular petition, and adjusting to the individual needs of a Spanish speaking community, I also produce... 


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My mission is to make science as entertaining and accessible as possible. I strongly believe that science output and scientific thinking should be given greater prominence outside academia, more so in the current post-truth climate.


Want me at your event?

I deliver a variety of talksworkshops and training seminars depending on the occasion. Find out more about my programming here:

Inés is professional, thoroughly prepared, and a pleasure to work with
— Joanna Bagniewska