Workshops & Training Seminars


I carry out several workshops training people to improve their YouTubing and Science Communication skills.

“A Guide To Science Communication”

A hands-on workshop to get people talking about their favourite science in ways that make it the favourite science of others. From how to turn dry material into something exciting, to presenting and even handling a camera, Inés will make anyone want to walk out and set up a science YouTube channel.

Format: Workshop. Very hands on – works best with groups <20.

Adaptable from 1 – 3 hours.

Ideal target age: 16+


“A Guide to YouTube”

Most people learn science from Inés through her camera lens, on YouTube, and there is certainly science behind setting up your equipment and getting good footage, whether it be of you or a bug crawling around. In this workshop, Inés takes you through all of the basics to make an engaging movie using either just your phone or your fanciest DSLR gear.


Format: Workshop. Very hands on – works best with small focus groups

Adaptable from 1 – 3 hours (or on a 30 min rota with 1-2 participants)

Ideal target age: 16+